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Scrolls in clear packaging
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Scrolls As Gifts

Guest Book Scrolls on sale!

Special notice for USA and UK visitors to our site:
Our Australian dollar is low at the moment compared to your currency. This means fantastic savings for you. Take a look through our site and contact us for pricing and further info. We look forward to providing our Scrolls to help make people feel…. fantastic!

People buy our scrolls to·
use as a special gift
use in place of a greeting card
or to send through the post as a greeting card or special gift.

Unique and handcrafted with care, recipients love unrolling a scroll to reveal a special message.

There are two colors available, gold and silver and our Scrolls are made from mostly Australian materials.

There are many verses available and most of the verses are generic, non occasion specific so that they can be sold all year round. Other verses cater to the most popular occasions: St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

We have two main types of Scrolls that can be used as gifts for any occasion:

Scrolls in clear packaging

This elegant and beautifully packaged Scroll package contains:
one handcrafted scroll
ribbon to tie up the rolled scroll
a black ink ball point Quill pen
a small instructions note on how to roll up, present and store the scroll

The purchaser will have fun rolling up the scroll and getting it ready for presentation to the lucky recipient.

Small white mini mailing tubes can be purchased separately to the scrolls, in case the purchaser wants to post the scroll. The tubes can be decorated with stickers or painted by the purchaser to really add some extra interest!

The Scrolls are packaged in clear plastic, so that the purchaser can clearly see all contents, and reduces the temptation for customers to open the
package in store.

Gorgeous hanging mini Scrolls!

These cute, mini Scrolls include a rope at the top so that the receiver can hang the scroll. Also included for free inside the packaging is a small rope. The purchaser should remove the Scroll from the package after purchasing, and roll it up then tie it with the rope provided. The Scroll is now ready to give and makes a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Mini Gift Scrolls come in clear plastic packaging so the customer can immediately read the verse and handle the Scroll without damage.

Stands are available so that purchasers can view all Scrolls on offer. Once the purchaser has made a decision on which Scroll they would like, they simply pick it off the stand for purchase.

Store owners, please contact us for more information on our Scroll products. We'll email back ordering information which will include prices for all products. Only registered businesses/store owners can click here to request wholesale information. You must be able to show you are a genuine business by including one or more of: a website or store name and location, ABN (Australian businesses only), online or hardcopy brochures/catalogues etc. Thank you!

Message Scrolls have established a strong “Scrolls” community over the years with visitors to our website. Visitors find out about us through web searches, and after receiving a Scroll. They sign up to receive Newsletters and other promotional materials throughout the year. We also have Scroll e-cards available which are very popular. So, you should know that once you place our Scrolls in your store, you will commence a very long term relationship with not only customers that have purchased a Scroll, but with us! We are always developing new and exciting products and we welcome you to our Message Scrolls community!

Visitors Outside Australia

Check out the Australian dollar against your own currency. The Australian dollar is always lower than the US dollar or British pound which means great savings for international visitors! Click here to find out your country's currency conversion.

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